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Review - Glock Magazine Pouch

Mag pouches, there are so many on the market. They range from cheap nylon up to expensive custom kydex, and the options for a customer are enough to make his head spin. I’ve done hours upon hours of reading and review watching on all the hottest mag carriers and I feel like I’ve discovered the best kept secret in this niche of firearm accessory. The Glock Magazine Pouch. Glock Magazine Pouch? Which Glock magazine pouch? Yes, this is confusing because of the branding, but what I mean is Glock’s own pouch they make for their own magazines.   [The pouch in question, is a catchy name too much to ask for Mr. Glock? In case you’re interested the UPC is GLKMP17076] Bland naming aside, this pouch is exceptionally versatile, functional, fast,...  Read More

Affordable Gun Shootout

Inexpensive guns have a very important place in the firearms industry and for the consumer. Maybe you’re in a financial bind and feel the need to protect you and yours. Maybe you’re just getting started with firearms and don’t want to dive in fully with an expensive gun before you know what your preference is. Maybe you want to purchase multiple guns at once because your significant other has a newfound interest in self-defense. No matter what the reason is, inexpensive guns have their place, and it’s my pleasure to present some of the most popular for review in this Affordable Gun Shootout. The guns for review today are the Ruger Security 9, SCCY CPX-1, Taurus G2C, Mossberg MC1, and the Bersa BP40cc. I’ll go in order of least expensive...  Read More

The importance of Inspecting and Practicing with your Self Protection Firearms

I’m not going to lie, this was not how I wanted to introduce my hot new carry gun. I was lucky enough to find a lightly used Glock 17L with many cool upgrades already complete. Apex trigger, stainless pins, extended takedown lever (Glock actually calls this the slide stop but that’s just silly). Upon purchasing this finely crafted machine I took it straight to the range and cranked out a couple hundred shots. All was well and home it went for a good cleaning in preparation for carry. After a good cleaning the long-slide was ready to be placed in a holster to usurp my trusty G26 as my new main carry gun but I couldn’t throw it in a holster yet. I realize guns are tools of self-defense but for me they are a hobby and a passion, so the lo...  Read More

Summertime Carry Tips

Summertime is officially here. Being the fair skinned red headed stepchild that I am I like to avoid the sun like the plague. But with being married and having some friends it's inevitable that I'll be invited to a cook-out or pool party. As a dedicated concealed carrier this means I have to make some calculated choices. Most CCWiers choose to reduce the size of their gun in the summer months, going the pocket carry route, and I don't blame them one bit. When it’s hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable outside it can become miserable to strap on a big gun. I still gravitate towards carrying a more substantial gun though, and even on the hottest days I am appendix carrying at least 12 +1 of 9mm on my belt. How is this accomplished though? Easier ...  Read More

Sig Announcing P365 Parts Picker

Sig Sauer has launched the "Parts Picker" section of their website for their P365 pistols (FOUND HERE). While not revolutionary it's cool to see a manufacture create a webspace where parts can be easily selected and ordered. The user is presented with a slck graphic when you select a part to order and it makes it easy to ensure you're getting the right thing. If Sig wanted to take it to the next level I would like to see a reccomended replacement interval for the selected part. Something like "recoil spring should be replaced every 4,000 rounds", or "inspect extractor claw for chips and replace accordingly". Currently the Parts Picker is live for the P365 pistol and MCX rifle, hopefully this becomes popular for Sig and more guns are add...  Read More

Streamlight HL-X, my carry flashlight

In my opinion carrying a flashlight is almost as important as carrying a gun. Reason being is a sufficiently powerful enough flashlight can easily be used as a non-lethal deterrent. And in many cases can allow a concealed carrier to avoid confrontation all together. Aside from that serious point, flashlights help you see in the dark, so that’s good too. Many questions arise when considering flashlights for concealed carry: how many lumens? Weapon attached or handheld? Clicky tailcap or pushbutton? Those are all valid and interesting questions that truly deserve their own article, so today I will be touching upon my current carry and home defense light, the Streamlight HL-X.   [The HL-X, Streamlight’s current high powered handheld, stoc...  Read More

Breaking: New Pistol Optic from Trijicon

Breaking news, Trijicon has revealed a new pistol optic LINK, the SRO. Boasting the same mounting footprint as the RMR but featuring much larger glass, top-loading battery, and the ability to permanently lock in a brightness setting. I am an unapologetic lover of pistol-mounted red-dots, so any new tech gets me excited. I can’t help but wonder why Trijicon didn’t go with a closed emitter design though like what Aimpoint is doing with their ACRO sight. Will be following this one closely.  Read More

Appendix Carry Tips Part 1

I’ve been a concealed carrier now for almost 10 years, maybe not too impressive in relation to some of the old-timers in the gun arena but not trivial either. I quickly decided that appendix carry was my preferred method. Over the years I’ve developed some tips and tricks that have helped me make the most of this carry method, and it would be my pleasure to share them with you fine folks. Ride height When purchasing an appendix holster, especially for a gun I have not carried yet (now a-days I carry Glocks but I’ve went through a couple carry guns in my time), a requirement for me is ride height adjustment. I literally will pass on a holster if I can’t adjust ride height. Reason being is that the core of appendix comfort is how the gun...  Read More

VP9 Review

Welcome back everyone. It’s Tyler again with a new review. This time over HK’s latest striker fired polymer blaster, the VP9. This gun made its debut a couple years ago and made quite a splash in the polymer gun market due in part that since the 1990’s HK has focused solely on hammer fired pistols (USP, P2000, P30 etc.). The VP9 represents the newest pistol technology HK has to offer so let’s dive into some first impressions. [HK VP9] -First Impressions Let’s go over this piece starting at the very top, the sights. HK equips the standard VP9 with a set of photo-luminescent sights. Basically just a fancy way of saying they glow in the dark. The sights have a good picture and they’re suitably stout and made of steel, I am confident th...  Read More

Sig P365 Review

Hey everybody, Tyler is back with a new review. This time it’s over Sig Sauer’s latest concealed carry minded pistol, the P365. This little guy is something special, and represents a new class of pistol for concealed carry. You may remember my Glock 43X and Glock 48 reviews (Found HERE, and HERE respectively), in those reviews I mentioned how Glock created a brand new frame size. Well, Glock’s inspiration for those guns is undoubtedly the Sig P365. With a weight of 17.8-ounches and a capacity of 10 rounds the P365 shook the firearm industry when it debuted recently, so let’s get into the details of why it’s special. [The Sig P365] -First Impressions Starting with the top the P365 comes from the factory with absolutely excellent sigh...  Read More

G48 Review

Welcome back everyone! It’s Tyler again with another review. This time it’s over the second half of the new Glock hotness, the G48. Last week I reviewed the G43X (if you want to read it feel free HERE). The G48 is very similar to the G43X, filling in the “Silver Slimline” Glock series. Let’s go ahead and jump into the first impressions to get into the details. -First Impressions Just like the G43X the 48 has the same 10 round frame size that’s not quite a double-stack and also not quite a single stack. It has the same single-sided slide release, the same mag release design, and the same familiar Glock sights. Where it sets itself apart from the 43X is that its slide is longer. Do be specific the G48 has a slide length of 7.28 Inches, w...  Read More

G43X Review

Greetings and welcome to the official blog of J&D Firearms! My name is Tyler and today I am bringing to you a review of the latest and greatest from Glock, the G43X. The G43X is a part of what Glock is calling the “Silver Slimline Series”, pretty catchy name. The niche it fills is that of the slimmest and lightest Glock that still holds 10 rounds in its magazine. In fact, this magazine is where the G43X differentiates itself. It represents a brand new frame size for Glock that’s not quite a single-stack, and not quite a full blown double-stack (stack referring to how ammunition is staggered in the magazines). Because of this, the G43X has a grip as long as a mid-size Glock 19, but it’s almost as slim as the diminutive G43 that holds ...  Read More