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Sig P365 Review


Hey everybody, Tyler is back with a new review. This time it’s over Sig Sauer’s latest concealed carry minded pistol, the P365. This little guy is something special, and represents a new class of pistol for concealed carry. You may remember my Glock 43X and Glock 48 reviews (Found HERE, and HERE respectively), in those reviews I mentioned how Glock created a brand new frame size. Well, Glock’s inspiration for those guns is undoubtedly the Sig P365. With a weight of 17.8-ounches and a capacity of 10 rounds the P365 shook the firearm industry when it debuted recently, so let’s get into the details of why it’s special.

[The Sig P365]

-First Impressions

Starting with the top the P365 comes from the factory with absolutely excellent sights. Sig calls then XRAY3, but what they are in plain English is night sights. Why I like them so much is the smart design, the rear sight has two tritium vials, the front sight has a tritium vial with a bright green ring surrounding it. The fact that this pistol comes straight from the factory with such great sights is a big kudos for Sig, nicely done.

[Factory night sights, hell yeah Sig]

The slide profile of the P365 is mostly unremarkable aside from its slimness. It has useful cocking serrations fore and aft which seem to be the industry standard now-a-days. Next though, the trigger, is pretty awesome. It is unique in the best way, with a perfectly consistent pull of 4 pounds. Yes, this trigger has a consistent pull from start until the striker is let go and it is great. No creep, no sponginess, nice work Sig.

[Wheeler scale averaged at 4 pounds 11oz for 5 pulls, this trigger rocks]

The grip has a rough texture that’s not too rough but also not too smooth. It’s difficult to explain but it kinda’ feels like sandpaper, as a user, my hand doesn’t feel the individual stippling bumps, it feels like one uniform rough texture. Best way to flesh out what I mean is that in contrast Glock’s stippling feels like individual triangles that are raised form the grip. It may not make much sense but if you handle one you’ll understand. Bottom line is that I don’t have any complaints.

[Picture’s worth a thousand words? I may need a thousand to adequately describe how the grip texture feels]

[The flip side, I have aveage size my pointer finger reach illustrates the svelt size of the P365]

The slim grip is still able to hold 10 rounds flush, with a pinky extension mag available and an extended 12 round also available. The more cartridges the better so I would be carrying with the 12 rounder if I ever bought one of these.

[Plenty of mag lengths to choose from, very important for versatile concealed carry]


Speaking of mags I loaded them up and hit the range. Overall the gun shot great and ran smooth, the sandpaper grip texture helped locked such a light gun in my hand during strings of fire. Oddly enough I didn’t notice much difference in control between using the flush 10 round mag and the extended 12 rounder (aside from increased capacity of course). All of the mags fully loaded seated smoothly even though it was cold outside and my hands were half-numb. I also made sure to try my usual methods of slingshotting the slide to load and using the slide release to make sure both methods work. They did with no problems with all magazine types.

[Superhero sweater is not necessary to operate the P365, but it helps me get in the mood]

I shot my usual cocktail of Armscor, Fiocchi, and Blazer Brass ammo without a hint of malfunction. I feel that it’s important to note though that the P365 exhibits strange behavior with its striker. Specifically, it drags across the primer of a spent cartridge as the P365 cycles. When this was first discovered by end users it led to broken strikers but Sig has since upgraded the P365’s striker and they no longer break from being wiped across the primer. A new manufacture P365 should have no trouble but it would be prudent to give Sig a call to make sure you’re in the clear.

[Examples of primer wipe from the range session, I shot 150 rounds with nary a problem]

The P365 is a very shootable little thing, two magazines in I was able to print a respectable 35Ft group. Surely this is largely in part of the awesome trigger.

[35Ft group of 20 shots, with the cold temperatures, I’ll take it]

-Closing Thoughts

Sig hit it out of the park with the P365, a pistol with a width of only one inch and a capacity of 10 rounds is an absolute feat. It shoots great considering its 17.8-ounce weight and 9mm chambering, and overall it handles better than such a little gun should. If you want to buy possibly the most efficient carry gun of all time hop on over HERE to J&D Firearms and pick one up, and stay tuned for more reviews!