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Streamlight HL-X, my carry flashlight


In my opinion carrying a flashlight is almost as important as carrying a gun. Reason being is a sufficiently powerful enough flashlight can easily be used as a non-lethal deterrent. And in many cases can allow a concealed carrier to avoid confrontation all together. Aside from that serious point, flashlights help you see in the dark, so that’s good too. Many questions arise when considering flashlights for concealed carry: how many lumens? Weapon attached or handheld? Clicky tailcap or pushbutton? Those are all valid and interesting questions that truly deserve their own article, so today I will be touching upon my current carry and home defense light, the Streamlight HL-X.


[The HL-X, Streamlight’s current high powered handheld, stock photo curtesy of]


[My actual light, notice the glow in the dark lanyard I attached, little more on that later]

-The Specs

Let’s get the statistics out of the way right off the bat, the HL-X is a machined aluminum 1,000 lumen flashlight (for reference the typical low beam of a car headlight is 700 lumens), it’s powered by a rechargeable battery that can be run on high for an hour and a half, has an overall length of 5.45'', and it has a click-on/click-off tailcap that you can press in half way to activate the light without it being permanently turned on.


[The battery itself has a micro USB port for charging, also has a built in light to indicate charge level, very convenient]


Not gonna’ lie, this light is huge, but the performance it gives is extraordinary. 1,000 lumens is absolutely blinding if directed towards the face of a would-be attacker, it’s also enough light to illuminate entire rooms of a pitch black building. One positive to the almost 6'' body length of the light is that with such a size it makes it easy to handle. Lights that are too small are difficult to situate in your hand properly and some are so short that part of your hand will block the beam. Just some things to think about.


[Nothing to see here...]


[Until I light up the HL-X!! (big shout-out to the wife for taking these pictures)]


-Carry Method

I carry the HL-X in my back pocket, my jeans have enough room that I can shift it to the outside edge of my pocket to avoid sitting directly on the light. If I’m going to be sitting for an extended period of time like during a long car ride I can just clip the light to my belt or pant loop and transfer it to my back pocket when I leave the car. Important to note I don’t clip the light to my actual pocket, I let it sit inside so there is no indication that I have a light.


-Use with a gun

I’m partial to the syringe style grip because of the tailcap design, it makes it very easy to click the light on and off. Also it makes it easy to hold the light in conjunction with my Glock, giving me a grip almost as stable as if I didn’t have the light at all.


[Syringe grip, makes it very easy to click the light on and off]


[With pistol, now we’re talking]


-Personal Modification

I’ve done very little to modify this light except the attachment of a glow-in-the-dark lanyard from MARATAC so I can quickly grab the HL-X at night. There's nothing like the feeling of needing your light and not being able to locate it, instead knocking all the stuff off your bedside table. I've also seen people wrap glow in the dark tape around their lights, I may try that out just for kicks at a later time.

[Glow in the dark lanyard is a must in my opinion, especially if you’ve been reading Lovecraft and are afraid of the dark]



There’s no two ways about it, with a length of almost 6 inches this is a huge light. But with that size comes a great deal of functionality and most importantly power. Rechargeable battery standard, clicky tailcap, and all this at 1,000 lumens, Streamlight knocked it out of the park with this light and I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you want to pick one up hop on HERE and get one on order.


Thanks for reading, talk to you guys soon!